NFAND Episode 33 - Judy Mam and Beatríz Ramos, DADA (dot) NYC

Feb 05, 2017, 12:46 PM

Beatríz Ramos and Judy Mam rolled-out DADA for the digital age with DADA (dot) NYC. The original DADA movement, galloped onto the scene in the early 20th Century, to among other things, protest war and strife. Fancy that. DADA is stuff of myth for modern art history and beyond. Plenty has been studied, philosophized, and written about it.

But this is not that. It is and it isn’t. DADA (dot) NYC, is a platform where people can go draw and paint. What people draw is up to them. Beartíz imagined it as a collaborative rather than a competitive space. It is sort of like creating a Mandala. You put the time to create it, only, in the end, the symbol, the art does not get erased. Chances are someone else will come to your board and add on to it and the painting gets built together in a language without words.

We talk a lot in this episode 33, for an episode on invisible but palpable communication. But, no one is perfect...DADA (dot) nyc is for everyone. Go Look. Open up your heart. Draw. Resist.

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