AYP 29: "I'm not going to listen to any of this."

Feb 15, 2017, 08:21 PM

Season 2.5, Episode 6. John and Mike are rejoined by Matt and Gordon to discuss three more acts performing at the inaugural Safe As Milk festival in April 2017. This week, Moor Mother, Nurse With Wound, and OOIOO get the All Yesterday's Parties treatment, but not before Mike drops a ridicularious ponderance before the first two minutes have elapsed, and Gordon gets distracted by books. This week, much like all entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, expect a post-credits scene. #Podcast #Music #Review #SafeAsMilk #MoorMother #NurseWithWound #OOIOO #GoodTheBadAndTheUgly #Sprinklers