Mar 01, 2017, 08:08 AM

Season 2.5, Episode 8. The Safe As Milkery continues, as John & Mike, ably (more or less) assisted by Matt & Gordon, get stuck into the last three of the first glut of acts announced for the billing. This week, it's Omar Souleyman, This Is Not This Heat, and Ulver. All Yesterday's Parties wouldn't be All Yesterday's Parties without digressions, so also tune in for an idea about a radio series that'd make your eyes water, a really cold slight against our listenership (sorry Gary!), and some baffling shit about huskies. Get your peanut butter milk stout open, try not to listen to This Heat in case they break your computer, and try to remember who you're thanking. And don't forget to check out the listening notes when they go up! http://ayppodcast.tumblr.com #Podcast #Music #Review #SafeAsMilk #OmarSouleyman #ThisIsNotThisHeat #ThisHeat #PerformingWing #Ulver #WhatWouldYouCallAnAliveHuskie #ThisMachineKillsFascists #WhoAreWeThanking #EndThePodcast