Eisteddfod 2017 - Class 368 Song for Primary School Children - Le Curiaeux Saonge - Tune

Mar 13, 2017, 11:28 AM

#guernseyfrencheisteddfod . . Le Curiaeux Saonge . . L’autre sair, j’aeux le pu curiaeux saonge Coumme jomais j’n’avais ieux d’vaent. J’saongi qu’le maonde avait decidai Que n’y’erait pas d’autte de guerre. . J’saongi qu’y’avait aen grand endrait Et tous d’s’hoummes dans l’endrait. Et les papiers qui v’naient d’sinai Disaient faut pas d’autte s’entre batter. . Et quaend les papiers furent Sinai Et aen million d’copies d’faites I joignirent tous l’eux moins ensemble Er s’mirent tous a la priere. . .

Words phonetic

. Leh tchur-ee-eye sanzh . . Lowt sar, zh-eye leh pu tchur-ee-eye sanzh Kom zhomay zhe navay eye dvah. Zhe sanzhi kel maond aveh deh-seed-eye Keh nee-ereh pah dowt deh djair. * . Zhe sanzhi kee yaveh a gra oh-dreh Eh too dzowm doh loh-dreh. Eh lay pap-yeh kee vnayd seen-eye Deezay fow pah dowt soht bat. . Eh kah lay pap-yeh fur seen-eye Eh a meel-yand kopeed fayt Ee zhwan-yeer too lye moyn oh-sohb Eh smeer too a la pree-air . . Note: “-dj” pronounced like “-dg” in the English word “edge” . .

English translation

. The Strange Dream . . The other night, I had the strangest dream Like I’d never had before
I dreamt that the world had decided That there would be no more wars. . I dreamt there was a large room And lots of men in the room And the papers they had signed Said they were not to fight anymore. . And when the papers had been signed And a million copies made They all joined hands together And started to pray.