an exerpt of the Holy Thursday service at my church, including my reading

Apr 13, 2017, 11:54 PM

Well, I was still a tad croaky, but at least I was able to read tonight after all. Thanks very much to @ericmbourgeois for making this possible; I couldn't have done it without him. Sorry you have to get through a couple hymns before my reading comes along. The second one is particularly awful; nobody could get the rhythm right. I wanted to sing really loudly and help them along because I know that one and love it well, but of course there was no way I could sing with this stupid chest congestion. To give the participants credit though, this is the first time we've sung that spiritual at my church--at least to my knowledge. I needed to record right from the beginning because I had to go up front with the lectors during the first hymn, and I didn't want to take the recorder with me. That would have been too obvious for my comfort. :- It was in my purse, so nobody knew I was recording. The second reading was done by my friend Tracy, who had never been asked to read before either. If I'd had a paid account, you would have been able to hear my friend Carrie read next. She has one of the most mellifluous voices I have ever heard. Alas, I only have the ten minutes, so no Carrie for you. :-( #church #Easter #HolyThursday #hymns #readings