Mark Braund, CEO of RedstoneConnect Plc (AIM:REDS)

Jun 01, 2017, 10:27 AM

RedstoneConnect Plc, formerly Coms Plc, is engaged in providing technology and services for smart buildings and commercial spaces through its core businesses, Redstone and Connect IB. The Company, through Redstone, provides a range of services, including design, build and installation; managed services, and software solutions. Share Talk took the opportunity to speak with Mark Braund, the Chief Executive Officer of Aim-listed RedstoneConnect Plc (REDS). This followed REDS's recent positive news flow, acquisition and contract wins. This is in line with REDS long-term strategy and focus on optimising its best of breed smartbuildings technologies that makes real estate more efficient and businesses more effective. In this interview Mark gave an overview on the progress made by REDS, its improvement in gross margins, its turnaround in profitability and growing list of Blue Chip clients. Further enhanced by its acquisition two weeks ago of Anders + Kern which is also one of the leading UK resellers for Evoko, an award-winning meeting room panel provider. As Mark points out this enables REDS to provide companies with services that provide them with "compelling return on investment". Mark gives insight into REDS unique software platform OneSpaceTM ,their Connect Labs, Commensus and Redstone smart solutions, which companies are increasingly using for optimising their commercial properties, workspace and real estate. In this era of the mobile workforce, Internet of things (IoT), BigData, bring your own device (BYOD), requirements for advanced 'in building cellular' and need for best in class technologies. Early adopters are finding compelling reasons to commission REDS for their Smartbuildings, Smartcities and Smartstadia solutions. Listen now to CEO Mark Braund on what RedstoneConnect has to offer with regards to the connected office, smart spaces, connected spaces and much more. #REDS #SMART #CONNECTED #SOFTWARE