Episode 38: Personality Types

Jul 01, 2017, 12:40 AM

Hello listeners! This week, were really glad to introduce yet another special guest! Benzy's big sister Bibi joins us today as we talk about something kinda hokey, yet really really interesting: personality types!

There are so many iterations of different personality tests: some rely on horoscopes, others on things like shape preference, or the Four Temperaments, Love Languages, the list goes on. In this episode, we focus on the more common Myers-Briggs type of test.

We took ours for free on www.16personalities.com which helped by providing a pretty insightful report on our personalities, based on different areas of our lives.

Tune in and see what of the 16 Personalities Benzy, Bibi, and Wilx are, and then take the test yourself!

Tell us: were your results surprising? Expected? Just a bunch of baloney?! We wanna know!

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