Second Opinions: Leftists on "Society of the Spectacle"

Aug 28, 2017, 12:08 PM

By popular demand, here's part 3 of discussion of Debord.

Does PEL have the cred to discuss neo-Marxism? Do we just not GET IT, what with our bourgeois outlooks that always split the difference between extremes and so espouse moderation? Are we perhaps too blinded by the spectacle to even see it?

Well, Mark and Seth use this extra hour to ask some leftist podcasters what they think of Debord and of our treatment of his ideas in Ep #170. We are joined by Douglas Lain of the Zero Squared (formerly Diet Soap) podcast, Brett O'Shea of the Revolutionary Left Radio podcast, and C. Derick Varn (who appeared on our semiotics episode) of the Symptomatic Redness podcast.

End song: "Open Your Eyes (Wake Up)" from another damn-the-system guy, PEL audio editor Tyler Hislop. Hear him interviewed on Nakedly Examined Music #24. #philosophy #culture #marxism #situationism #capitalism #commodification #authenticity #economics #isolation Go to the blog: