Episode #148: Blame On Both Sides

Aug 30, 2017, 06:34 AM

Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast hosts Karen and Natalie discuss this week's back-to-back-airing Teen Wolf episodes "Face to Faceless" and "Pressure Test."

Featured Song: "Monster" by MILCK

- Two episodes last week!
- No episodes the following week!
- "Face to Faceless" was the episode Linden Ashby directed, and it's one of Natalie's favorite episodes of all time.
- The big opening battle - can you automatically fight, with werewolf powers? Or do you have to learn combat skills?
- Once again, we theorize on who may die by the end of the show. Soz, Chris Argent.
- Karen on prejudice: "Sometimes he’s hairier than other times, and we don't like this."
- Best Liam episode ever?
- We're surprised at Melissa, horrified at the other teachers, in love with Coach and "Ms. Martin."
- We learn Tamora's backstory - is it what we expected?
- Her question to Scott - how many had to die so he could keep his secret?
- Nolan's horrible, but that invisibility exposure moment was brilliantly done.
- What's going on with the fear demon - an illusion, a projection, multiple creatures?
- What more could Scott have done to convince them?
- How did Teen Wolf end up being so accidentally politically relevant this season?
- And with "Pressure Test," Theo's back... and as confusing as ever.
- Natalie doesn't hate Deaton quite as much this episode.
- The judgement of supernatural wrongdoing needs a better solution. Even Twilight had the Volturi.
- Scott finally gets the message - from a trusted ally - that in war, he may have to kill people.
- We have a few theories about how the Anuk-Ite will manifest.
- That second suicide absolutely could have been avoided.
- However, it does lead to Scott playing a little dirty.
- We wish we hadn't caught a certain someone's name in the opening credits!
- So what... do they all just stay holding hands with Cory now?

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