Episode #152: Your Mileage May Vary

Oct 04, 2017, 01:16 AM

The day is finally here. Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast hosts Karen and Natalie discuss the series finale of Teen Wolf.

Featured Song: "Teen Wolf Opening Theme" by Dino Meneghin

- Please note, this podcast was recorded before public airdate of "The Wolves of War."
- Therefore, we weren't spoiled for the time jump.
- Though we're still not sure how far in the future it's meant to be.
- Also, a PSA from us about when you next get shot by an arrow.
- We puzzle out Derek's timeline and location.
- Guys, Derek is like, so good at being a werewolf...
- He's also so good at being a nerd.
- More importantly, does Stiles only have nine toes now?
- Deucalion was the only good-guy death and we are SHOCKED.
- There were several sets of characters who never got a final scene together.
- Raf's involvement was a pleasant surprise.
- Isaac's absence was an unpleasant reality - damn you Jeff for telling the truth about that!
- The roundtable discussion in the vet clinic was a highlight.
- "Toasting... spear?"
- Colton and Holland's big scene: has anyone ever seen Lydia that happy about anything?
- Also, Lydia and Ethan need to be best friends forever now. Karen has a request for some fanart.
- We have thoughts... feelings... and needs... about Theo and Liam's accidental chemistry.
- We love that Derek got his own perspective in the finale - surprised some other characters didn't though.
- Hey, remember Mr Harris? Who even was he? (Put it on the list.)
- Scott blinding himself was quite the shocker, and we thought it might be permanent.
- Can't believe that MOUNTAAAAIN ASSHHH was the clincher.
- Get your spark on, Stiles!
- We told you Gerard and Kate would kill each other.
- Monroe's global war - when you look at it, the show/pack ends up in a much worse circumstance than they've ever faced before.
- Not particularly hopeful, and not what we were expecting.
- What's next? Is Alec the star of a spin-off? Or will it be something like Teen Banshee or Teen Kitsune?

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