3 - Sharkbanz, a wristband designed to deter sharks

Nov 20, 2017, 07:00 AM

Fear of sharks? There's a band for that.

Sharkbanz is something you can wear around your wrist or ankle in the water that uses a magnetic technology to help deter sharks.

We invited Davis Mersereau, VP of business development at SharkBanz, to provide some insight on the product -- along with Tower 26 coach Gerry Rodrigues to share his experience as a longtime swimmer and coach.

If you’re a surfer or swimming in open water a lot, this episode talks about the technology in layman's terms, some of the research behind the product and the company’s active partnership with Shark Defense Technologies to improve its effectiveness.

While the company does not promise to entirely protect you from all shark attacks, Mersereau says it's a way to "reduce the risk" and give someone peace of mind.

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