10 - Legal pot in California with Kandice Hawes and Stefan Borst-Censullo

Jan 08, 2018, 07:00 AM

It's 2018, and California now has dispensaries selling legal pot.

There are some dispensaries that opened January 1, some that may not open for a few weeks or months -- and some local governments that have opted not to open any for the foreseeable future (note: this episode was recorded 1/3/18 ).

Two people who have been working to educate others about cannabis and to change the public perception about people who use it joined me on Olympic and Bundy to talk about all things marijuana in California.

Kandice Hawes is the founder and executive director of Orange County NORML, part of a nationwide organization that works to reform marijuana laws. Stefan Borst-Censullo is an attorney who has worked in cannabis legislation, lobbying and more.

Whether you are a regular cannabis user and want to know what has changed (i.e. How much can you buy now? How do these changes affect medical marijuana patients?), or perhaps you've never smoked or consumed a drop of THC in your life, everyone can get something out of this episode.

Our conversation covered many subjects, including:

-What led both Kandice and Stefan to working and advocating for the cannabis industry
-Cannabis, weed, pot, Mary Jane: What terminology they prefer to use and why
-What Proposition 64 legalized, as well as the criminal justice reform aspect
-Where you can now buy legal pot and why some local governments are opting out
-As a medical marijuana patient, what has changed in 2018
-Various taxes that will be introduced and potential sticker shock for consumers
-The issue of banking for the cannabis industry
-What happens if you drive while impaired by marijuana
-How they plan to talk to their kids about cannabis

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Thank you to Kandice Hawes and Stefan Borst-Censullo.

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