My Dirty Secret And Copyright Law

Apr 17, 2009, 02:45 PM, North Dorset, Dorset, United Kingdom
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hunter - over 8 years ago

I hear you Paul, but it's still illegal. As an artist I can sympathize with both sides and I do agree something needs to be done, but the very things that would make the content more portable also make it easier to pirate. We seem to forget that there is the real cost of the content and then someone had to pay for the overhead of producing a DVD copy, packaging it and distributing it to all corners of the earth, THAT is what you are really paying for! It seems like people actually feel inconvenienced by the fact that they cannot transfer across mediums. Recently, we purchased a WALL-E DVD set and on one of the discs is a compressed digital copy for loading on your PC or something, and I thought that was a good idea, now my kids can watch it on the iTouch while my wife and I can enjoy a few drinks and our dinner;P


JoelDrapper - over 8 years ago

That's not good. I've got friends who I know pirate stuff on a regular basis which I think is very wrong. But whenever we do something like rip a dvd to a computer, we always seem to get in trouble for it :P


__batasrki - over 8 years ago

Hey Paul,

If you have a need for something like that again, there's a tool called HandBrake and a tool called DVD Shrink that will strip the DRM from the DVD and let you back up your legally bought media in a digital form.

Note the terminology, "back up". :)