The Reset Rebel meets Illona Pantel-Ayal - 7 DAY FAST

Jul 03, 2018, 01:52 PM

This week, we fire into a FULL 7 DAY FAST!

Our presenter Jo Youle takes up the challenge and records a blow by blow account of her week spent nil by mouth with our island fasting Guide and Ibiza resident of more then 30 years Illona Pantel - Ayal.

Why? Mainly to reduce inflammation in the body, but fasting also boosts immunity, detoxes the system, regenerates cells and puts the body into a state of Ketosis, which is the super on trend way of BE-ing these days as fat is burned for energy, instead of the usual glucose.

Tune into the podcast this week to hear the emotional rollercoaster Jo went on (warning: extreme over sharing and emotional vulnerability and honesty on board this one) and how fasting strips back the clutter and allows you to really tune in to whats going on in there.

Illona is offering a FREE fasting spot on her retreat in october, check out our website for the details - email us on for your space on this retreat and to hear about other spaces up for grabs - including a place 11-14th on our RESET REBEL RETREAT with Jo,