43 - The People Walker: Chuck McCarthy and Ary Sarbaz on walking people for a living

Aug 27, 2018, 06:00 AM

Imagine hiring someone to go on a walk with you around your neighborhood, and at the same time, you could study a new language, learn about the history of an area or just have an accountability partner to exercise with.

That's the idea behind The People Walker, an on-demand service that lets you book people to go on walks with around Los Angeles and form new human connections.

When Chuck McCarthy first moved to LA, he began working in production and eventually acting. He also started walking more. He says a series of events led him to the idea to start a business where he would walk people and talk to them.

His idea received a lot of media coverage, including an appearance on “The Doctors.”

Chuck met Ary Sarbaz at a wedding. They bonded over the “horribly amazing” reality show “Mystery Diners,” and they also discussed the concept of an on-demand service to walk with strangers that could leave a truly positive impact.

Ary, an attorney who ran a law firm for several years, was sold.

Together they have grown the business to serve several different neighborhoods of Los Angeles, and the number of "Walkers" for hire continues to grow.

The idea is simple but it can have many benefits beyond just getting your steps in, including safety reasons, meeting new people and having someone who can just be there to lend an ear.

Chuck and Ary joined me on Olympic & Bundy to talk all about the People Walker, what they both get out of walking with others, plans for their business as it continues to grow and more!

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Thank you to Chuck McCarthy and Ary Sarbaz! You can find them on ThePeopleWalker.com

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