Sex and Relationship Advice with Emily Morse

Dec 22, 2017, 11:49 AM

Rachael doesn't often talk about sex on Be Here For A While... or really in general, with anyone. That is, until she met Emily Morse, host of the hugely popular podcast "Sex With Emily". Do you ever wonder if you're normal, sexually or how to better satisfy your partner? Spoiler - we all do! Dr. Emily Morse gives amazing sex and relationship tips on this podcast, and really makes you feel comfortable and open while talking about a subject that many people find taboo. This comfortability makes Rachael open up about a past dating experience in her intro, and she also explains why she feels very lucky to have met the guy she is now dating. Shit gets real.  TULA is a skincare brand that combines probiotics with other skin-friendly superfoods to naturally balance and boost the health of your complexion! For 20% off your purchase, visit and enter promo code BEHERE checkout! Rent the Runway is the only place where you can rent styles from over 450 top designer brands!! Go to or download the app to get 25% off your first month’s Unlimited membership with promo code BEHERE at checkout.