Episode 303 - SFGT | Japanese Folk stories - The Story of Urashima The Fisherman Lad

Episode 303,  Jul 17, 2018, 12:00 AM

#Japanese Folk Stories - The Story of Urashima The Fisherman Lad
Author: Yei Theodora Ozaki
Link: bit.ly/JapaneseStory
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Welcome my folk story lovers!
I have you an old 1908 Japanese Folk Story episode - letters compiled by one friend of author Yei Theodora Ozaki into a compilation of traditional Japanese folk tales.
And this time I have for you The Story of Urashima The Fisherman Lad. His kind heart leads him on a journey to another realm. A realm of #japanese #myth and #legend. Being kind opens up doors for Urashima, doors that can never be closed, and once he realises the cost of entering such a realm, there's no going back, or so it seems. Join me on today's episode of the strange and out of this world with an old #Japan #folkstory.
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