Court Finds Assad Murdered Sunday Times Journalist Marie Colvin - Ronan Tynan spoke to the lawyers about this historic case prior to the judgement

Nov 04, 2018, 12:33 PM

Prior to the court finding that Assad murdered Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin, Ronan Tynan spoke with the lawyers involved in taking what will almost certainly prove to be an historic judgement, and could help prevent the Syrian dictatorship accessing funds to rebuild their brutal regime.

The murder of Marie Colvin in Syria was like ‘striking a dagger at the whole system of international justice’ Scott Gilmore from the Centre for Justice & Accountability said explaining why his organisation is pursuing a case against the Syrian regime before a court in Washington DC. The actual proceedings are being undertaken on a pro bono basis by leading international corporate lawyers Shearman & Sterling, with whom Marie’s sister Cat Colvin used to work, as the firm’s Ivy-Victoria Otradovec explains. They were interviewed at the premiere of the compelling documentary ‘Under the Wire’ about Marie’s last trip to Syria with photographer Paul Conroy that cost her life and Paul was very critically injured when the Assad regime targeted their press centre.
This podcast was produced by filmmakers Ronan L Tynan and Anne Daly, who produced the award winning international feature documentary ‘Syria - The Impossible Revolution’, and became actively involved working on Syria around that time and Marie’s death had a very significant impact especially in focusing them on the nature of what was happening there at the time.

Esperanza Productions

This podcast was produced by Esperanza Productions the makers of the multi award winning film documentary ‘Syria - The Impossible Revolution.’

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