eye to eye

Mar 12, 2012, 03:23 AM

‎" hurts to know you cant look at me eye to eye, and the hole reason you fucked up is cause uncle got you high. now look at where your at for the second time, kinda thought you learnt your lesson after i sat there and cried. your not a man, cause you don't know how to bight your pride, always blaming other people for your mistakes, but yet you say your the one who's hurt inside?, come on pops, look at these past few years with my eyes, an then maybe you'll realize, why i aint there for you this time. not like you where ever there for me (you selfish fuck), i'm a better man now cause i know what not to be, an that's a little you, in this situation i guess the apple fell to far from the tree. "-s.rose* #srose #steven