Stories On The Road w/ Bill Dawes and Shaan Joshi

Nov 10, 2018, 01:18 AM

Three comedians in a hotel room in Reno, Nevada, what could be more fun? Rachael is joined by Bill Dawes and Shaan Joshi while they are performing at The Laugh Factory in Reno for the week.  They share their opinions on what "success" or "making it" is, how it feels to be alone on the road, and how their parents reacted to them being comedians.  Shaan shares a story about Dave Chapelle that puts in perspective what could be considered having a "career" in the entertainment industry. They talk about odd jobs they had along the way and how they deal with hecklers.  Rachael also intros the show with a story of being vunerable and how she pulls herself together after failure.