Too Much To Handle w/ Hannah Cranston

Dec 13, 2018, 01:00 PM

Hannah Cranston, former host and executive producer of YouTube's THINK TANK, a leading millennial news show with 1.3 Million subscribers and over 500 Million views.  Hannah was also a guest host and former producer of THE YOUNG TURKS, the most popular news show online.  Rachael and Hannah discuss why women are told they are "Too Much To Handle," and how to move past that stigma and be proud of what makes you smart, funny, unique, and in control of your life.  Ever been told you're "crazy" or "needy" for simply explaining to someone what you need out of a relationship.  If so, this podcast is for you!  We breakdown the misconceptions and how to harness your inner Lady Boss and ask for what you want in the workforce, your relationships and your life. 

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