64 – From the Bay to J.Lo's Grammy stage with dancer Matt Day

Feb 18, 2019, 07:00 AM

Matthew Day (@mattdayfromthebay) is a dancer who has touched stages around the world with artists like Jennifer Lopez, Will.i.am, Kendrick Lamar, Ricky Martin and more.

Most recently, he danced across the 2019 Grammys stage during J.Lo’s Motown tribute.

He talks about everything from his childhood, growing up with a single mother outside of San Francisco and losing a close friend as a teen, to moving to Los Angeles at 22 and living out of his car.

Matthew says he has seen his fair share of struggles, but has also been exposed to the true definition of financial wealth while traveling on various tours.

In his career, whether it be through dance, writing or film, he hopes to be a bridge between those who live a more privileged life and those growing up in poverty -- and continue creating a dialogue in which all perspectives are heard, questioned and appreciated.

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Thank you to Matthew Day!

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