AYP 40: "I created Drone"

Season 3, Episode 4,  Mar 10, 2019, 09:54 PM

Apologies in advance for the last two thirds of this week's episode, as our time ran out in the back room of The Greyhound, and we were forced to de-camp to John's house, where there was nowhere to set our mics, so we were holding them.  This has resulted in a degree of odd noises from us holding the stands.  ANYWAY:

It's the last episode of this Festival Fest 2018 (Working Title) (Cancelled) mini-season!  Once again we are joined by Matt Tyrer and Gordon Kochane, presenting a proposed roster of artists for this distressingly, tragically, and ultimately comically doomed festival.

This week, Matt brings us The Apples In Stereo, John supplies a hearty handful of Torres, Mike slaps us about the face with Sunn (((O + Boris, leaving Gordon to invoke dbridge.

This was the last thing we recorded for Festival Fest, so see if you can spot the precise point where John finally gave up and succumbed to post-tipsy insensateness.

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