Bassini's budgie smugglers

May 07, 2019, 03:00 PM

Caroline Barker, Adrian Clarke, and David Connolly are in for this week's AC/DC themed show. We discuss the final weekend of the regular season and get our teeth into the nitty gritty of the play offs, plus Caroline makes a bad bread joke and Adrian gives us his stats of the season. Here's how it sounds:


  • PART 1a: David Connolly's Bassini story (01m 50s)
  • PART 2a: Canaries Champions, Blades draw with Stoke (03m 20s)
  • PART 2b: Championship play off previews (09m 00s)
  • PART 2c: Championship play off odds (16m 20s)
  • PART 2d: Clarkey's stat of the Championship (21m 00s)
  • PART 3a: Southend and Wimbledon survive by the scruff of their goal difference, and Scunthorpe's unsportsmanship against Argyle (22m 30s)
  • PART 3b: League One play off previews (30m 40s)
  • PART 3c: League One play off odds (33m 20s)
  • PART 3d: Clarkey's stat of League One (36m 50s)
  • PART 4a: Sol Survivor, and one of the founding members found wanting - goodbye to Notts County (38m 10s)
  • PART 4b: League Two play off previews (44m 40s)
  • PART 4c: League Two play off odds (46m 50s)
  • PART 4d: Clarkey's stat of League Two (47m 20s)
  • PART 5a: Charity bets (48m 10s)


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