Extinction Rebellion

Episode 10,  May 13, 2019, 01:27 PM

Welcome back, listeners! In our 10th episode of ItAllVeganWithFriends we (Jay, Olivia, Becks and Sam) are joined by Nat, a protestor with Extinction Rebellion who spent some time on Waterloo Bridge throughout the recent London protests. We will share with you Nat's experience of actually taking part in the protests, our thoughts on whether Extinction Rebellion were right to take over our streets, how the media doesn't always show us the whole truth and why it might be difficult for people to know what to believe. 

We ask the questions: Who are Extinction Rebellion? What do they want? Should we be part of the movement and how can we get involved? Is protesting accessible for everyone and if not what can we do to make a difference. Does the Vegan movement share similar beliefs to the movement of Extinction Rebellion and can we support one without the other?

"You are never too small to make a difference... Change is coming wether you like it or not"

Greta Thunberg