#1 I'm Finally Pregnant - Sharing my own story

Season 1, Episode 1,   May 21, 2019, 11:30 PM

Here's my own finally pregnant story

In today’s episode I talk you through some of the ups and downs of my own pregnancy to date – 35 weeks and 6 days.

I talk pregnancy tests, when to tell, symptoms, twin loss, mixed emotions, panics, bum cheek pain, hospital freebies, baby showers and lots lots more.

A couple of things I mentioned that you might want to look at yourself are below

- Travel sickness recommendation are Gin Gins from Holland and Barrett.
- I’ve kept the stretch marks at bay with Neal’s Yard Mother’s Balm – find out more information here on my insta or if you don’t have insta you can find it here
- I went along to the Baby Show and whilst there I made a bee-line for Cheeky Wipes for reusable baby wipes and also bought reusable make up wipes.
- When everything got too much I realised that I needed to surrender which is the best thing I could have done – asking for help is never a weakness. Check out this post by Emma Cannon.
- You must check out this podcast on the Fourth Trimester!

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Cat Strawbridge @tryingyears