#5 BFN Emma and Gabby's Pregnancy Stories

Season 1, Episode 5,   Jun 25, 2019, 11:30 PM

Gabby and Emma from the BFN Podcast join me to talk about their pregnancy experiences

I was so excited to be chatting to these guys on my podcast as I am a huge fan of theirs! Gabby and Emma from the podcast Big Fat Negative are simply fabulous and here is no different. Due to some complications we weren’t sure whether Gabby was going to make it but fortunately she had had good news so bravely joined us for this chat. 

One of the things I loved in particular was that we were all in different trimesters so we got to talk across the different experiences of being pregnant all together. 

Scanxiety rears its ugly head, but we also talk about the good stuff like baby names, feeling the kicks and just the sheer relief that our fertility treatment has actually worked!

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Cat @tryingyears

PS Spot the deliberate mistake - this is episode 5 not 4 as I say on the audio!