#20 Pregnancy after babyloss with Elle Wright of Feathering The Empty Nest

Season 2, Episode 11,   May 26, 2020, 11:15 PM

Join me as I chat to Elle Wright about pregnancy after infertility and babyloss.

Welcome to the latest episode of Finally Pregnant where I’m chatting to Elle Wright of Feathering the Empty Nest. You can also find and follow Elle on instagram.

Elle is a blogger and author of The Sunday Times Bestselling book “Ask Me His Name” where she shares about the loss of her son, Teddy, who died at 3 days old in 2016.  Elle has been instrumental in opening up the conversation around pregnancy and child loss.  

Some of the ways to find support if you are or have experienced anything we talk about in this episode are charities such as Tommys, the Miscarriage Association, Sands, Fertility Network and Petals Charity. We also discuss amazing podcasts such as Alice’s Fertility Life Raft, Izzy Judd’s Let’s Talk Fertility and another amazing TTC podcast is Big Fat Negative from Emma and Gabby! Elle also mentioned Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy mum, happy baby which is one that I love and the another I can recommend is The Parent Hood by Marina Fogle. 

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