Bouncing along to Wembley

May 21, 2019, 03:17 PM

Caroline Barker, Adrian Clarke, and debutant Shaun Derry are in studio for this week's look ahead to the Play-Off finals. Plus we've got the views of former Ram, current Guyana coach, and weird jeans wearer Michael Johnson, and Charlton's alliterative coach Johnnie Jackson. Read on to see how it sounds:


  • PART 1a: Potter to the Premier League (02m 30s)
  • PART 1b: Swans odds with William Hill (06m 20s)
  • PART 2a: Villa v Derby: the match for Grealish's future (07m 40s)
  • PART 2b: Michael Johnson joins to rave about the Rams (13m 50s)
  • PART 2c: Aston Villa v Derby Odds (20m 50s)
  • PART 2d: Championship news  (21m 50s)
  • PART 3a: Sunderland v Charlton: with Johnnie Jackson (24m 20s)
  • PART 3b: Black Cats second chances at Wembley (32m 50s)
  • PART 3c: Sunderland v Charlton odds (36m 10s)
  • PART 4a: Newport v Tranmere predictions (38m 10s)
  • PART 4b: Newport v Tranmere odds (41m 50s)
  • PART 4c: Alan Hardy and the state of Notts County (43m 20s)


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