ManMade - Supersonic Me - Episode #3 - The Three Act Storytelling Structure

May 24, 2019, 04:55 AM

Increase your storytelling skills with the proper Three Act structure

Three Act Storytelling is a basic formula for storytelling. However, there's much more criteria than meets the eye when looking into the 3 acts. 

The 3 acts are: beginning, middle and end. (tough to remember that one)

Episode #3 dives into giving an understanding into the basic 3 act storytelling method, and runs through examples that can help you to tell better stories for your business or environment.

Michael discusses:
  • The Three Act Storytelling Structure and the criteria that each part needs to fulfill
  • How to use a hidden method to increase the power of your stories
  • Examples to help you understand the meaning of the lesson

Storytelling is well and truly a skill that you can grow into. It's a gift that some people are blessed with from birth, but it's also a talent we can learn to experience. Listen to today's podcast to truly understand more!