Five Minute Friday: 3 Things to Try Before Accutane

Jun 15, 02:52 AM
Happy Friday, Beauty Byters!

On this week's Five Minute Friday, I tell you everything you need to know about Accutane and acne skincare. Accutane has become an increasingly popular treatment for acne recently. But it is a strong prescription drug medication that has many side effects and risks. While it is effective at targeting acne, it's worthwhile to explore other, less extreme options first. In this podcast, I talk about the top 3 things you should try before starting Accutane. First, make sure you're using an acne wash with effective ingredients. Next, use Vitamin C to improve your skin's texture and tone. Lastly, make sure your skin is well hydrated with a noncomedogenic moisturizer. If you do decide to take Accutane, good skincare is still important. One of the side effects of Accutane is very dry, flaky skin so be sure to still follow these 3 steps in conjunction with your treatment.

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