Farm Animal Sanctuaries

Episode 11,  Jun 30, 2019, 06:52 PM

Welcome back, listeners! In our 11th episode of ItAllVeganWithFriends we (Jay, Olivia, Becks and Sam) are joined by Mark Eaton at FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary. We were lucky enough to learn more about Mark's passion for animal welfare and his ideas for the future of vegan education, with an emphasis on growing food and planting trees, which will have a positive impact on wildlife. We will share with you our experiences volunteering at Friend and The Farm Animal Sanctuary and we will discuss the importance of their existence and what it takes to keep up the work needed to be able to offer sanctuary to constantly unwanted, neglected and abused animals.

We ask the questions: Who are FRIEND and how did they begin? What makes a sanctuary different from a farm or a zoo? Are Sanctuaries a long term solution and what happens to all the animals if the world did go vegan? Finally, how do they get their funding and what more can we do to support them to help animals?

"My mother early on taught us to respect all animals, and I mean all animals - not just cats and dogs but rats and snakes and spiders and fish and wildlife. So I really grew up believing they are just like us and just as deserving of consideration." 

- Joanna Lumley (Patron of The Farm Animal Sanctuary)