GIVEAWAY EPISODE - Who Am I? - A podcast by ManMade - Episode #3.2: A Piece of Me

Jul 01, 2019, 03:30 PM
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  3. Listen to our podcast and guess who you think it is by commenting on this post.

"Who Am I?" is a unique storytelling quiz podcast run by the ManMade storytelling team.

Who am I explores a sub-story or story of a well known person; and your job is to try and guess who it is.

Episode 3 has explored the story of an individual and has been split into 3 different stories of their life. 

Currently, no one has guessed the correct answer for episode 3, so we're running a giveaway for the final chapter. 

To find the 3 chapters follow the links below:

  1. Episode 1 - A Dark Place
  2. Episode 2 - Falling 
  3. Episode 3 - A Piece of Me