How Coaches Can Learn From Others - John Kessel

Sep 02, 04:30 PM
Since 1985 John has been working for the National Governing Body of the sport, USA Volleyball (USAV), now as Director of Sport Development. He currently serves as the staff liaison for Disabled Programs, USA Deaflympic Teams, Starlings USA, National Parks and Recreation Assoc., the YMCA and over 30 other Affiliated Organizations working with USAV. He is Secretary of the NORCECA Technical and Coaches Commission, and Director of Development for World ParaVolley.

He was Team Leader for the 2000 USA Olympic Beach Volleyball Teams in Sydney, which brought home one gold medal, and for the 2004 USA Paralympic Women’s Sitting Volleyball Team in Athens, which came home with the bronze medal.

In 1995, Volleyball Magazine’s special Centennial issue named him one of the 50 most important people in the sport in the past 100 years. In 2013 the American Volleyball Coaches Association inducted him as their 60th member of the AVCA Coaches Hall of Fame.

Table of Contents
0:00 - Intro

3:30 - Mentorship

6:45 - Mistakes in games/Biomechanics of the game

12:40 - Different Approaches to Training

18:30 - Past vs Present John Kessel

21:50 - Two Most Important Skills In Volleyball

25:15 - How Coaches Can Handle Learning

30:00 - The Idea of “Needing” to Make Practice Look Good

36:00 - A Volleyball Club That Does it Right

38:31 - Monetization Model in Volleyball

42:30 - John’s Recommended Video “Backwards Bicycle”

45:45 - Jump Shoes and the mechanics of learning

47:40 - Top 3 Characteristics of Great Coaches

52:30 - When did you specialize into volleyball?

53:05 - Book Recommendations

53:50 - Definition of FUN

58:00 - Resources

1:01:45 - What Can Coaches Do To Shave 5 Years Off Their Learning Curve

1:04:44 - How do we get kids to love the game more after the season?