Sunset Bloom, Breast Scars, & Beauty at All Ages with Generation Skin Co-Founders, Gina Franklin & MarCee Reimbold

Sep 12, 2019, 12:30 AM
Hi Beauty Byters!
On this week’s episode of Beauty Bytes with Dr. Kay: Secrets of a Plastic Surgeon, I am excited to introduce you to Gina Franklin, CEO and Co-Founder of Generation Skin and MarCee Reimbold, Co-founder and CFO of Generation Skin. Gina tells us all about the experience that changed her life and led her to create Sunset Bloom, a universal breast scar rejuvenation patch that helps patients who are undergoing surgery to heal and alleviate scarring. Gina and MarCee walk us through their entire thought process when developing the product and tell us about their ultimate goal: to help women feel beautiful meanwhile recovering from scars. Sunset Bloom by Generation Skin has the best in overall quality, beauty and coverage. If you have any scars or plan on undergoing surgery, please visit

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