NothinPodcast Episode 6 Dungeon Dragon

Episode 6,   Sep 16, 2019, 02:43 PM

Episode Originally Aired Via Our Facebook & Mixcloud on August 20th 2019

This episode Bubba and Djefsclusive Will Take a Deep dive into the career of Nicki Minaj. We will start from the beginning and move through her career. The two break down her wins and losses and debate what they believe is her current position in the culture. Is it time for nicki minaj to retire? Is she still the Queen of hip-hop? Is she the evil woman that many people make her out to be? During this podcast we will enter the time capsule that is the career of nicki minaj.

We debate on the impact of Fendi and if we believe that Nicki did him wrong. We talk about her beef with Lil Kim and the impact of her music and how it resonates with us. We also talk about our feelings on the NFL and Jay-Z deal. 

We take a stance on Collin Kap and much more.