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Might Not Mean Nothing To Yall But The Fact that your here to hear us out means everything to us! The NothinPodcast is a mixture of everything great in the entertainment world.

NothinPodcast is when the Breakfast club crashes into the Joe Budden Podcast and stops along the way to have a few drinks at the Read. We are what happens when you blend drink champs with radio style reporting in a podcast setting.

The two enjoy lots of smoke and lots of drinks while they dig into everything going on in the world of pop culture hiphop and entertainment. The two sing dance and listen to music as they dive into all that is going on.

Djefsclusive is a Dj that comes from an internet radio background as well as a self proclaimed hiphop purest and hiphop junkie.

Dough Boy is rough and rugged and a father of four. Dough boy is not the pop culture guys at all he simply enjoys being apart of something that relaxes him.

Both being from Stamford Connecticut they two will often speak on up and coming artist from their state as well as different things that may be going on in different community's within connecticut

Besides the podcast, Djefsclusive has started and maintains the podcast online clothing store that can be located at

here you can read the latest celebrity news and gossip as well as shop several items including official nothinpodcast apparel.