Insurance Choice Awards 2019 Takeover!

Episode 4,  Oct 10, 2019, 06:30 AM

On the fourth episode of Money Bites by Smart Money People we're presenting a live special from the Insurance Choice Awards 2019, hosted by us - Smart Money People! We have a weekly dose of prank calls and in-studio discussions but this week we were lucky enough to chat with not one but FIVE of the biggest cheeses in the insurance industry, plus one special guest.

(01:20) Irene Garcia from InsureandGo
(4:00) Eddie Hooker from Hamilton Fraser
(8:45) Adam Powell from Policy Expert & Sure Thing! 
(11:26) James Blackham from By Miles
(15:10) Jens Hartwig from Laka
(18:30) Comedian Lucy Porter
(20:31) Wasp Attack Prank Call
(22:30) Reflections on a new FCA insurance report 

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