Leeds In The Champions League, Ft. San Siro Hero Dominic Matteo

Season 1, Episode 2,   Oct 31, 2019, 08:00 AM

Rich Williams, Mark Holmes and Rob Conlon are joined by comedian and Leeds fan Micky P Kerr to talk about United’s memorable run to the Champions League semi-final in 2000-01.
Dominic Matteo also joins on the phone to discuss his role in that incredible achievement, from making his debut on the left wing against AC Milan to scoring the goal at the San Siro which fans still sing about today.
We finish with another episode of Football Fact or Fiction in which Rich tries to guess which of the three unlikely stories about Leeds that season is in fact true.

Make sure you head to www.planetfootball.com for more 2000s nostalgia and more from Dominic Matteo about wanting to stay after relegation but finding himself pushed out of the door to bring in some much-needed cash.

- An introduction to this week’s show and guests, including Britain’s Got Talent *finalist* Micky P Kerr
- Micky reveals his connection to those famous 2000s words, ‘broken metatarsal’ (3m 48s)
- Treat your ears to the audio highlights of Leeds’ amazing run that season (5m 50s)
- Token non-Leeds fan Mark on why it didn’t feel surprising to a neutral that they were doing well in the Champions League (6m 53s)
- Rob on a throwback era and Alan Smith’s goal against Anderlecht – “one of the best goals scored by an English team in the Champions League” (9m 20s)
- Micky on how the Champions League used to be and when he realised Leeds ‘had a chance’ (11m 00s)
- Rich recalls giving up a night with his potential new love to watch Leeds instead. He still remembers her name 18 years on (11m 45s)
- Micky on the brilliance of Alan Smith (12m 50s)
- Remembering the forgotten names from that famous win over AC Milan (13m 37s)
- Interview with Dominic Matteo (14m 38s) – Dom talks us through making his debut as a left midfielder against Milan, how the move from Liverpool came about, how Lee Bowyer immediately stood out, scoring in the San Siro, singing his own song, Mark Viduka still talking about the lasagna in Milan, and why he never wanted to leave Elland Road.
- When Leeds stopped being the underdog in the Champions League (33m 25s)
- Remembering one of the best defences in Europe (36m 17s)
- Football Fact or Fiction (38m 48s)

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