Embrace Loneliness

Episode 27,   Jun 03, 2019, 12:00 AM

It’s not just about being single or living on your own, loneliness can also leave us feeling like an outsider as we become the people we want to be, not who we were. From your start point to the end goal, how do you keep your head in the Slimming World game when everything feels so new and unknown? Clare and Anna discuss how being lonely is an inevitable part of growth, how to recognise it, challenge it and embrace the 'new you' - instead of defaulting back to the usual bad habits we’ve always relied upon.

Things we mention during this episode: How To Deal With Loneliness/The Hero’s Journey by Leo at Actualized: youtu.be/uGqlCkuah94 Discover Brightlife Podcast (narrated by Clare), the truth about loneliness with Age Uk Cheshire https://podfollow.com/1378754447 

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