Five Minute Friday: The 12 Days of Maintenance

Nov 29, 09:18 PM
Happy Thanksgiving, Beauties!
On this week's Five Minute Friday, I give you my 12 key steps to preventative aging. Many of my patients visit me around the holidays looking for quick fixes that will help them look their best before Christmas. While we are fortunate to have treatments that can provide us with gorgeous results in the nick of time, preventative maintenance will always be key. In this episode, I tell you the 12 things you should be doing monthly, bi-monthly, and throughout the year. Incorporating preventative measures into your regimen can help you achieve your beauty goals and avoid more aggressive measures later on down the line. For anyone, that is looking for ways to look your best this holiday season or if you're beginning to think about your new year's resolutions, this episode is for you! Have questions? Send me a DM on Instagram or visit for more information!

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