Ep2 - Bree Verity: The Importance Of Sharing Your Own Narrative

Season 1,   Dec 09, 2019, 05:00 AM

This week Bree Verity from Arc Storytelling joins me to talk about the importance of owning & sharing your narrative.

Welcome to the second episode of The Mojo Podcast - thank you for taking the time to drop by.

This week my guest is Bree Verity, the founder of Arc Storytelling. Bree helps people tell their best life story – what they uniquely offer to the world and the most effective way to communicate it.

But Bree hasn't always been a start-up entrepreneur. She was a change management consultant within the IT industry for years. On paper she was successful and her career was progressing brilliantly. The thing is, she wasn't happy.

In the end, a holiday mishap gave her the unexpected time and space to think about what she really wanted to do. With the help of an unexpected ally, she crafted what would become her business today.

We talk about Bree's journey to this point in her life, the times her mojo has suffered and how she manages it on it on a daily basis. There is so much wisdom and experience in this interview, I know you'll get a huge amount from it.

Listen out for tips such as; developing alliances as a start-up founder, developing your story, getting your message out there (have 100 conversations in your first 100 days), the beauty of having an hour to talk about yourself and the value in striking up conversation with complete strangers. Which forms the Mojo Challenge this week - have a chat with someone you don't know - see how it feels and see what you learn.

Bree also asked me to share a special offer for Mojo Podcast listeners
Go to www.arcstorytelling.com and quote 'Mojo' to receive 20% off the Storytelling Package fee - a detailed 1 to 1 consultation to help you discover and hone your best life story - where you have been, where you are going and what makes you different.

I really hope you enjoy this episode - it continues to be huge learning curve for me so all feedback is very welcome.
Have a great week
Richard x

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