Rory Delap, Stoke City And A Whole Lot Of Fun

Season 1, Episode 8,  Dec 12, 2019, 05:03 AM

Rich Williams, Mark Holmes and Rob Conlon are joined by comedian Mark Smith to celebrate Stoke City's glorious first season in the Premier League when they upset the big boys and made neutrals p*ss themselves laughing.
Danny Higginbotham joins on the phone to provide an insight into some of the extraordinary lengths Stoke went to in search of home advantage, how they made the colour drain from opponents' faces, and why being written off was the best thing that could have happened to the club.

We finish with another episode of Football Fact or Fiction in which Rich tries to guess which of the many unlikely stories about Stoke City are, in fact, true.
Make sure you head to for more 2000s nostalgia, including expanded interviews with many of the show's guests.

- Introduction to this week’s show and guests
- The audio highlights of Ricardo Fuller, Tony Pulis and Rory Delap’s throw ins (2m 10)
- Celebrating Rory Delap’s throw ins (5m 55)
- The emergence of ‘towel boys’ (09m 00)
- Rory Delap creating goals (11m 25)
- When Stoke reduced Heurelho Gomes to tears. (13m 16)
- Gareth Southgate on Delap throw-ins (16m 12)
- The emergence of the Stoke vs Arsenal rivalry (18m 06)
- Winding up Arsene Wenger (19m 21)
- When Wenger petitioned for throw-ins to be banned (20m 18)
- Danny Higginbottom Interview (21m 51)
·      Stoke’s first season back in the Premier League (22m 00)
·      Stoke’s mentality starting the season back in the Premier League (23m 15)
·      Stoke fans and the Stoke team mirror each other (25m 40)
·      How Arsenal 'didn't want to be there' against Stoke (26m 42)
·      How people writing Stoke off provided motivation to prove them wrong. (29m 18)
·      The genius of Ricardo Fuller (30m 48)
Mark on Fuller, his favourite ever player (33m 36)
 When Fuller slapped his captain (36m 36)
- A naked Tony Pulis vs James Beattie (39m 15)
- Stoke’s lasting legacy (41m 38)
- Football Fact or Fiction (43m 22)
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