Top 10 Highlights of 2019!

Episode 14,  Dec 19, 2019, 07:00 AM

On 2019’s final episode of Money Bites by Smart Money People, we take you through our Top 10 Highlights of the year gone by. We’ll have a variety of prank calls, big cheese grillings, dramatic review readings, fighting talk segments & of course, a round of the renowned confectionery competition, Skittlemania!

(01:11) - ‘Skittlemania’ with Lucy Porter 
(2:30) - Interview with Daniel Hegarty, Founder & CEO at Habito
(4:50) - Mr. Money Prank Calls Admiral
(6:56) - Interview with Scambaiter, Jim Browning
(11:08) - Interview with Norris Koppel, Founder & CEO at Monese
(13:26) - Fighting Talk on Black Box Car Insurance
(17:08) - Skittlemania with Tanya Andreyasen, Editor-In-Chief at Fintech Futures
(19:12) - Interview with Helen Dean, CEO at NEST
(22:23) - Dramatic Review Reading 
(25:06) - Mr. Money’s Black Box Prank Call

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