45: Villars, Driving on Snow, White Lines Magazine & Les Arcs

Dec 26, 2019, 07:17 AM

In Episode 45, Jim visits Villars while Iain tests the new funicular in Les Arcs. We discuss tips for driving on snow after Iain's experience in Val d'Isère and Jim checks his sweat rate. 

There's a Team GB update and we up our shred content with an interview about White Lines Magazine. 

The Ski Podcast would like to thank Switzerland Tourism for their support.

Show Notes

Be careful out there

  •  Iain recently visited Les Arcs to test out the new funicular
  •  The new Folie Douce has opened in Arc 1800
  • This is the statistically-impossible ‘bullshit survey’ Iain was referring to
  • Ski A&E was on the W Channel from 09-20 December. It's being repeated in late-Dec and into January.
  • You can listen to our interview with the producers in Episode 43 and Episode 44
  • Jim found out about the importance of staying hydrated with Precision Hydration
  • You can get 15% off any of their products using the exclusive discount code ‘THESKIPODCAST’
  • Thanks to Jake Shap for his 5-star review on Apple Podcasts 
  • Also to Ski Bro: “Regular ruminations on all things ski from the experts!” 
  • Thanks also to the team at ‘Where Stags Roar’ for their update from Glencoe) 
  • We interviewed Rod back in Episode 26
  • Thanks to Max Ellis for his comments via Instagram  
  • Olympic medal winner Gus Kenworthy has joined Team GB
  • You can listen to our interview with Charlotte Bankes (Episode 25) who also moved to Team GB, in this case from the French team 
  • White Lines is bringing out its first print magazine for four years
  • Iain spoke to Chris Moran, who featured on the cover of the first ever issue
Chris Moran on Issue 1

  • This is the Ski Club faux pas at the KK with Mario Matt. Watch it 10:45 in. (Disclaimer - we get loads of stuff wrong too...!)