Five Minute Friday: What Filler Should You Use on Your Face?

Jan 10, 11:00 PM
Happy Friday Beauties!

On this week's Five Minute Friday, I'm debunking everything you've been told about fillers. Being in this industry for nearly twenty years, I'm frequently asked through DMs, emails, and friends for filler recommendations and which ones are appropriate for specific areas of the face. Not only is every filler manufactured differently, but many of them are also made to target specific areas. The facial anatomy and skin elasticity vary from patient to patient, making it absolutely necessary to seek out an injector that is capable of guiding you in the right direction. As a facial plastic surgeon, I have had countless patients come in for hyaluronidase injections -- the injectable used to dissolve HA fillers -- because of work they received from an inexperienced injector. This episode is a great way to learn about the options available when it comes to beauty maintenance! Have a topic you want to be covered on the podcast? Send me a DM or email!

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