Episode 5 - Toby Clarke: When You Trust, Amazing Things Happen

Jan 20, 05:00 AM
Welcome back to The Mojo Podcast.
This week my guest is Toby Clarke - the founder of Walking Ibiza and someone who understands the importance of finding your true purpose in life.

Toby shares his mojo story with us. A very clear moment in time when he realised 'what's the point in this' despite having the big job, the salary and success BUT fundamentally he knew this was not enough.
So he followed his heart and trusted his instinct to take him back to Ibiza - the island of his birth. Where he went on a quest to re-discover this beautiful place by walking around the full circumference of the island - with only 1 euro in his pocket.

This experience gave Toby the inspiration to set up his company - Walking Ibiza - allowing more people to embark on their own discovery of this magical island.

Toby shares stories from his 10 years guiding people around the island, plus anecdotes about the positive effects we can all get from walking in nature.

You can find out more from the website - or follow Walking Ibiza on Facebook or Instagram @walkingibiza to see what amazing adventures they have planned.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much I enjoyed recording it. Please do keep the feedback coming in the form of those amazing reviews and 5-star ratings on Apple Podcasts.
Have a wonderful week and I hope your mojo continues to flow.
Richard x

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