Encouraging Young People on the Path - Prajnaketu & Subhadramati

Jan 20, 11:03 PM

How can young people be freed up to take initiative as they explore the Buddhist path? An encouraging, inspiring conversation across generations.

Here are two wonderfully passionate members of the Order talking across generations about the need to open up effective pathways of commitment for young people as they connect and engage with the possibilities in a Buddhist life. 

Subhadramati has pioneered such pathways for women for many years at the London Buddhist Centre, one of the biggest Centres in Europe. She discusses her plans for 2020 to start a women's community in London where she and a few experienced friends will share a home with several younger women exploring the Buddhist path. 

Prajnaketu, the convener of young Buddhist activities in Triratna for Europe, shares what he thinks worked for him as a young person in Oxford investigating the Dharma life and wanting to take initiative as part of his practice. What follows is a great, urgent conversation about the ways in which young people can be encouraged, given space and allowed to find their voice. 

Recorded at the Triratna International Council in England, September 2019.

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