S1 Ep6 - Kirsty Lewis: How Understanding Your Values Acts As A Career Compass

Jan 29, 2020, 05:00 AM
Welcome back to The Mojo Podcast.
This week my guest is Kirsty Lewis - the founder of the School of Facilitation - a training and facilitation business that focuses on creating human-centered learning, events and gatherings through great design and delivery. It is also a place where fellow trainers and facilitators can find tips, techniques and support to improve their own businesses.

It is Kirsty's generous spirit and sharing of her knowledge that allowed me to discover her via her very honest and open Instagram channel. I've learned plenty from her and, in this episode, I'm confident you will too.

Kirsty shows how the clear understanding of her values and unwavering belief in them helped her make many big and tough decisions along her journey. She shares her mojo story on how she transitioned from a successful career with the world's number #1 drinks company to setting up her own business, and the times she has found her mojo to be at a low ebb and what her response has been.

We talk about the state of mojo in some of the companies she works with. And also how we can all create better personal and team mojo by being more conscious how we set up any business-based human gathering - be that a workshop, a meeting or a conference call. There are plenty of actionable tips for all listeners in this episode. Look out for P.O.S.T as a great way to set up any meeting/gathering. Purpose, Outcomes, Structure & Timing.

You can find out more about The School of Facilitation via their website and be sure to follow them on:
Instagram - schooloffacilitation
Twitter - SOFacilitation
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Have a wonderful week and I hope your mojo continues to flow.
Richard x

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