FFDU: Pubcast Down Under – Episode 17

Apr 10, 2012, 04:21 PM

Our friends at @FFDU are back with Episode 17 of their Austalian based Pubcast. On another sunny sultry day in the middle of autumn the crew rocked back up to Cheers Bar to discuss all things Oz football and football in general, no Nick this week so Jess held the fort before she heads off to the UK for a month on her jollies.

This week the guys discuss:

  • Western Sydney
  • A League Finals
  • Twitter stuff up
  • Twitter with Super League
  • Balotelli and City (Guiness the United fan on board this week)
  • Hodgsen for England
  • Chelsea
  • Mesesyside Derby
  • Gillingham and Phil Neville!
  • NRL/Cricket

Ah and you know all the other bits you’d expect from a load of people doing a football pubcast on a holiday monday in a pub, did they mention the weather is still nice?